Rosy is our programmer. She has developed Floqua for Android. Rosy is currently a Computer Science student at the University of York. You can find her other apps at IceRoad.

Sophie is our artist. She has produced all of the graphics for Floqua and our website. Sophie has also been responsible for the interface and level design. She is currently an Engineering student at the University of Nottingham. You can see some of her other work on her portfolio webpage.

Adam and Becky are part of the team who formed Complex City Apps in YCCSA. They have organised and run the Floqua project and produced the initial specification for the app. Adam has produced the website and Becky has managed the social network profiles.

Dr Steve Smith has supervised the Floqua project and has provided feedback and guidance. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electronics at the University of York.

Emma Brassington is a Business Development Manager for IT in the Research and Innovation Office at the University of York. She facilitated funding for Floqua and has provided guidance throughout.

Dr Dan Franks is a Research Fellow in the Departments of Biology and Computer Science. It is Dan's research that we use in Floqua to control the flock and their social structure. He has provided suggestions for the app and contributed to our science behind the app page. You can find out more about his research related to the science behind floqua at his webpage

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